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We provide the material, capital and expertise to landowners to complete the units so they can transform their property into a profitable business. 

Every single person that owns a piece of land, either bought or granted, can get an income from their property and we as INDLU Living want to help them do that.

INDLU Living provides a new way for informal property businesses to gain access to capital. 

INDLU Living wants to help these landowners expand their rental business by looking at the potential income these landowners can generate with better or additional assets. 

By being hands-on as well as being systems and data driven we at INDLU Living believe we can create a model to provide access to capital that is even safer to investors than any traditional model.


Sustainable income 
for a landowner for the lifetime of the building

Housing impact


How do we achieve this?


Landowners apply for a loan using our website or app.


Our team asses the value of the property with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) surveyors and determine the potential income of the property.


INDLU Build generates a building feasibility as the building is design allowing for real-time adjustment and optimisation.


Landowners qualify to come into consideration for a loan. Loan allocated towards upgrading or creation of formal income generating assets (INDLU Living Units).


Local qualified community contractors are used to build the the new units.


After construction the newly built units are leased through the  INDLU Living App and website managed by INDLU Living Agents.


Loan is only repaid through a portion of the income generated by the newly developed income generating asset. The landowner is never cash flow negative. Meaning the units pay for themselves.


After the loan is repaid and the landowner receives 100% of the income generated by the asset.


A fully integrated technology ecosystem


Facilitates the relationship between landowner and tenants. Landowners gain access to the rental market through our app and website to list rental stock and collect rental payments from tenants. The INDLU Living App is also an essential and effective rental management tool with enterprise features to handle the dynamic market.


Facilitates the relationship with professionals. We use parametric design and automated costing to generate a full construction plan to maximize the property potential.


Facilitates the relationship with local contractors. This platform also manages the costing and project management of each building project and serves as the connection point between the funds and the contractors assigned to the project.


Facilitates the relationship with Investors. Each loan book is managed by INDLU Living Investment connecting the rent collected through the App, into repayments in the loan book.

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