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  • Business Model
    INDLU Living partners with landowners in African cities in order to help them build residential property rental businesses. INDLU Living supports these landowners with access to capital, systems and management & support services. INDLU Living is a rental-housing app that connects homeowners in African Cities with potential tenants for their backyard rental rooms/apartments. Landowners that uses the INDLU Living App also builds a credit score with INDLU Living allowing them to access the capital required to upgrade their rental rooms and to expand their portfolio. The INDLU Living App lets homeowners register their rooms on the app, which prospective tenants are then able to bid on. Payment then occurs through the app directly, or via pay-points located at nearby retail stores. INDLU Living loans are repaid from the increased rental income from the new and upgraded rental apartments. Loans are typically paid o ff over 6 years. The landowner then owns an asset that has considerably increased in value, rental income has increased significantly, and critically needed rental housing is provided to the community. On top of this, we are creating a healthy return on investment during the engagement period. This is all made possible by the INDLU Living technology eco-system. This ecosystem is made up of Living, Invest, Build and is further explained in this document. The INDLU Living initiative is a response to the massive informal rental market in Africa. We believe that the only way in which the significant housing backlog can be addressed is through a for profit, sustainable business model. Every single person that owns a piece of land, can get a sustainable income from their property. We want to help them do that.
  • Market size
    There is a housing backlog in South Africa of over 2.3 million alone and over 50 million for the continent. There’s rapid urbanisation in Africa causing informal settlements and a accelerated growth in the housing backlog. African cities will double in population by 2050 meaning there is over 850,000 potential land owner clients in South Africa alone.
  • Growth
    INDLU Living aims to raise $1 000 000 000 in the next 5 years.
  • Company size
    We are a rapidly growing company with more than 30 emlpoyees while using local contractors and workers for constructions creating jobs as we move through the country.
  • Company values
    At INDLU Living we value asking Why? What? And How? We value understanding, effectivity and relationships.
  • The loan product
  • Investment structure
  • Compliance
    We are NCR (National Credit regulator), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) just to name a few. Have a look at our compliance section.
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