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Total rental units

1000+ / 2,8mil

housing backlog
in South Africa


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What gives me peace of mind about using INDLU living is the fact that everything is so convenient. I mean we pay rent using the app and on top of that the payment reflects in seconds, no need to go to the bank, ATM or store to pay rent. Another thing that gives me peace of mind is that the fact that the maintenance staff are always on hand to fix what's broken, like the other day my basin had a leak and then I called my landlord then the very same day the basin was fixed the last thing that gives me the greatest peace of mind is that water is included with rent so I never have to worry about water as an extra expense.

Pheega James Ramalatso

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INDLU_living is not just indlu but a home of everything extra. The colours Green and White of their building structures just represents Peace and Freshness. I’ve been staying with INDLU_living since December 2019 and so far I’ve never been this happy about a place, I always love people’s reaction when they enter my place as they always say you’ll never think your in the kasi when your inside these apartments. I love the modern look and feel, it is just so relevant, from the plug and play of DSTV to the convenience of getting around easily just gives me Peace of mind in being part of the INDLU community.

Terry Sambo

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INDLU Living... I Could write a book about it... The buildings are so attractive not just that, but inside are so comforting too hey! You don't have to stress about sharing electricity with a lot of people and worrying what if it runs out. You control your own Electricity since every room has it's own Electricity prepaid box. There is no need to carry a whole satellite dish, you have your own DSTV connection installed, you just bring your own decoder... We have a maintenance guy thats always on stand by to fix anything that you need to be fixed regarding the room. All rooms are safe cause they all have burglar guards and safe doors. The App... It's so easy to use you can pay via Card or do an S-code, of which both can do electronic payment therefore there's no need for you to carry cash on Hand of which is really safe... The agents do weekly visits to all the buildings around Tembisa just to check if there are no complaints from tenants and if they still happy... They allow you to move from one building to another if you like... And in tough times like these of Covid 19 and salary cut downs they don't turn there backs on their tenants if one can't afford to pay full amounts they reason with you provided you bring forward valid proof of your predicament! Showing that they not just after making money... But the most heartwarming fact is, They uplifting the kasi by helping who need help in building rooms for themselves of which is a huge investment and creating jobs koKasi.

Nomaxabiso Philominah Tlakeli

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